About Us

We are a small, family run artisan chocolate confections company headed up by our fearless leader Valerie Herskowitz. Chocolatier Valerie is a graduate of Ecole Chocolat and was also trained in the Pastry Arts by Chef Joe Scarmutti of In the Kitchen. The Chocolate Spectrum Crew includes, Blake, Valerie's adult son. Though (or because) he has autism, Blake loves being in the kitchen baking and creating anything that tastes good. This includes everything chocolate. Blake is a great Chocolate Assistant. In addition to Blake, Valerie's husband, Garth, plays a very important role in this business. He is the one that keeps all the equipment up to maximal operating condition. In other words, he is the Chief Engineer. Garth and Val have 3 other sons, Hunter, Seth, and Daniel. Hunter is a behaviorist. Seth is married to Poom. Daniel, though, not married yet is a doctor, which has nothing to do with this business, other than we had to get that in. All of our children provide necessary input to this business as they offer inspirational ideas and tasting opinions as Valerie is creating the flavors for the confections. 

In addition to the fact that Valerie's son, Blake, has autism, we have large ties to the autism world. Valerie has spent over 35 years in her other life as a speech pathologist specializing in working with those with autism, and has been the president of The National Autism Registry for over 14 years. The Chocolate Spectrum joins together two of Valerie's strongest passions, autism and chocolate. In this endeavor, we hope to raise money for autism by donating a portion of each sale to various autism-based charities. That is why our logo includes the tagline: Creating Sweet Opportunities For Those With Autism. 

In addition, to creating a business that raises money for autism charities, it is the goal of The Chocolate Spectrum to grow and eventually add positions in which we can hire individuals from outside our family. We hope to be able to offer several jobs to individuals with autism. We feel that it is not only our responsibility to create an avenue to fund autism programs, but to also to be involved with creating job opportunities for adults on the spectrum. 

So, we hope that you will become a part of our grand plan by purchasing our delicious chocolate. With every bite, you will know that you are not only enjoying something yummy, but helping individuals with autism. On behalf of Blake and Valerie, and the entire team of The Chocolate Spectrum, we thank you for your patronage!
                                     Val and Blake                                        Hunter                                    Poom and Seth
                                     Val and Garth                                      Dr. Daniel                              Mister Blake the Baker                                     
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